Auto Body Painting Services

City Collision offers multiple auto body repair and collision repair services for all kinds of vehicles including auto body painting. Our highly skilled shop staff is capable of providing superior quality work in a range of auto body painting services including the following:


We provide professional and affordable paint jobs for individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their vehicles, refurbish older models, or conceal any signs of damage caused by little mishaps.

Waterborne Paint

We use the environmentally friendly DuPont waterborne paints from OEM suppliers, so that we can always find paint that matches your vehicle’s original factory color.

Painting for Wear and Tear

Exposure of your vehicle to various elements like harsh sunlight, acid rain and salty humid air from living in the sea environs, as well as the detergent used to wash your car, can cause the color and finish of your car to break down.

Auto Painting

We handle all kinds of paint jobs professionally, whether it is whole body painting or spot painting. Before the job starts, we clean the old paint using chemicals, sand the surface, and protect all windows and chrome, after which we proceed to paint the exterior according to your instructions.

Whole Car Painting

A variety of elements including weather and soap can age your car. As such, we offer you this affordable paint package to maintain the beauty of your car and increase its value, if you wish to sell it.

Clear Coat

All our paint jobs are followed by the application of clear coats to protect the paint work, provide a precise gloss match, and ensure overall seamless repair.

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