We Repair Vehicle Frame Damage

Vehicles are assembled on a frame or using a unibody structure to provide them with structural stability. Typical frame components of vehicles include the upper and lower frame rails, and suspension mountings, while unibody models have a “frame” that comprises the rocker panels, windscreen, and the A, B and C pillars.

The structural integrity of your vehicle’s frame can be compromised by a collision, or simply during the course of its use like when you hit a small bump or curb at the wrong angle. Because of the increasing complexities of modern vehicles, we realize that our technicians need to be regularly trained on new techniques and advanced technologies used to ensure the precise and methodological frame straightening. As such, City Collision offers the best experts who use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect and assess frame damage, and make the best recommendations and repairs.

Identification of Auto Frame Damage

While frame damage is not easily noticeable, you can check to see whether your vehicle’s frame is bent or misaligned. Any damage to bolted components in your vehicle is also considered as frame damage. To assess the scope of frame damage after a collision, you should contact us or schedule an appointment with our auto repair experts.

Body Frame Repair

We ensure that all frame straightening services are performed effectively and in a safe environment by continuously training our technicians on new techniques, and utilizing the latest equipment. We provide our customers with the most technologically advanced auto frame repair services in the industry by upholding the I-Car Gold Class title, which is the supreme form of recognition in the industry, for training in collision or accident repair.

Considering that any damage to the frame reduces the capacity of your vehicle to protect you and other occupants during an accident, you should always bring your vehicle to City Collision for evaluation whenever you suspect that the structural integrity of the frame has been compromised.

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